A standards compliant Blogger template with DOM-based font customization features and silly randomly morphing color scheme

Pyra held a nice little template contest for their web publishing tool Blogger, and it seemed like a good opportunity to me to spread the standards compliance, XHTML, css layout message. So I entered the following template:

Please feel free to use this template however you wish, but please provide a link back to this page.

The template is an XHTML 1.0 compliant page, free of tables, relying exclusively on CSS for formatting. Pre-5 browsers will simply see an un-styled but well structured HTML document. 5+ browsers will see a styled page with a 3 panel layout.

Through the magic of DHTML and the DOM, IE5+ Mac and PC and NS6 users will also see several customization features that allow them to resize the text and change the type-face to suit their preferences. The page's color scheme is randomized on load, and will very slowly and randomly change colors once loaded (a slow morph, not a sudden change).

Here is the file you should enter into the template field in the Blogger interface (provided here in .txt format for easy viewing and downloading):

The template relies on two other files which should be placed in the same directory as the published blog page (provided here in .txt format for easy viewing and downloading):

You can save these to your hard drive, remove the .txt extension, and upload them to your server.

Have fun!