Professional Experience

Ludicorp, Inc

2002 - present

Client Development Lead.

At Ludicorp I oversee and build Flash and DHTML applications for the web-based multi-user photo-sharing application Flickr, and for the web-based MMOG (massive multi-player online game) The Game Neverending.
  • Built Macromedia Flash client for Flickr (still in production).
  • Built various Flash and DHTML widgets and mini-applications for Flickr, including DHTML remote-scripted interfaces for the Flickr site, and badges for Flickr members to place on their sites.
  • Built Flash beta client for the The Game Neverending (still in production).
  • Designed and built cutting-edge DHTML/ASP/SQL prototype for The Game Neverending.


1996 - 2003

Development Consultant, Co-Founder.

As a co-founder of Schwa, I helped manage the company and led front-end development of various sites for a diverse set of clients for 3 years. In 1999, Schwa became a consultancy, and I continued helping clients build cutting-edge web sites and tools. Some of this work is listed in the “Projects” section below.

The Zipatoni Company

February 1999 - February 2000

Lead Developer.

In 1999, My company Schwa partnered with Zipatoni to form a new online services branch of the successful young marketing company. In the year that I was there I built sites for Nextel, Dreamery Ice Cream, and Zipatoni.

Past Projects



(2002) - Led front-end development of meetup.com for initial launch; coded all HTML, CSS, AND DHTML for the site. Helped strategize feature and implementation details.

Organic Toronto

(2002) - Contributed DHTML widgets for presidentschoice.ca


(2001) - Contributed DHTML widgets for the award-winning Kids' Zone site.

Bruton Stroube Studios

(2001) - Coded a DHTML interface for the site for St. Louis's premier commercial photography studio. Wrote ASP image manipulation code to enable the studio to upload new photos for inclusion in the online galleries.

Hamilton Healthcare

(2001) - Designed and built an ASP content management system to enable this Chattanooga Hospital to manage the content of its site through a simple web interface.


(2000) - Built an online trivia game to test TradeHarbor's Voice Signature technology, which uses an embedded applet to record and authenticate a user based on voice recognition. The game was installed on a university campus intranet.

Edy's/Dreyer's Dreamery Ice Cream

(1999) - Partnered in conceiving innovative interfaces for this site used to promote the launch of Dreamery, a new line of gourmet ice cream. Coded, tested, and implemented the site, with extensive use of DHTML.

Purina Dog/Cat Chow

(1998) - Designed and built a "build your pet's home page" function for the dogchow.com and catchow.com sites. This ASP system included a registration system along with a pet page editing facility, which allowed pet owners to create and update home pages for their pets, uploading pictures and entering vital statistics.

Office of Veterans' Affairs

(1997-1998) - Built an ASP application to allow for employees to upload papers for review and discussion on the VA intranet. Coded all HTML and ASP, including discussion and search facility.


Book: Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation

I contributed several chapters to this well-reviewed for Apress. The book details the overall approach to creating web pages in the W3C approved manner with well-structured markup and CSS, and in addition provides in-depth analysis of CSS layout techniques. Now in its second edition.

Article: Introduction to CSS Layout

An introduction to CSS layout techniques for web developers in which I took the Apple Internet Developer home page and re-coded it with well-structured markup and CSS. Published 2/19/02.

Article: Remote Scripting with IFRAME

An introduction to DHTML remote scripting with a cross-browser solution using a hidden IFRAME. First published at the Apple Internet Developer site where it became the most popular article to date, and later republished at O'Reilly's JavaScript and CSS Devcenter. Published 1/28/02.

Book: The DHTML Bible

Contributed several chapters to this tutorial book, which was due to be published in early 2002, but well, you know, the bubble and all that. Collaborated with author Steven Champeon and fellow contributing authors Scott Andrew LePera and Eric Meyer.

Site: CSS Layout Techniques

Coded this section of my personal site as an aid for fellow developers who wish to move away from table-based HTML layouts and to begin using CSS for laying out web pages. It catalogs basic techniques for CSS-based web design, and provides free templates.



Designed and coded my personal site as a testing ground for keeping abreast of and trying out new web development techniques. The site is built with an XML backend and uses XSLT to produce HTML dynamically. Backend integration with Blogger powers the weblog part of the site, and a custom-built photo management tool powers the photography section. The DHTML-heavy site includes a registration system and an experimental photo magnifying glass interface. Before going on an extended hiatus in 2003, glish.com had become a resource for fellow web developers wishing to keep up with DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, and other web topics.


Coded all aspects of this web design contest site, including XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, ADO, XML and XSLT components. Helped in designing interfaces, and conceived and implemented an XML caching system to speed up dynamic database-derived content. Integrated and augmented an existing user base, allowing registered users of MetaFilter to log on without re-registration. Designed and built a polling system, discussion system, and contest entry rating system.

Awards and Appointments

International Web Page Awards

Honorable mention for my work on Zipatoni.com in 1999.

The Web Standards Project Steering Committee

I'm an emeritus of the WaSP's Steering Committee. The WaSP is an influential grass-roots organization dedicated to educating developers and encouraging software vendors in the adoption of W3C standards.


Available on request.